Main Goals and Activities

According to our Statute, the other founding documents of our Union, the members and the leadership of the (SSNM) in the next five years will work on:

–      Establishing direct communication with potential members.

We will be visiting the journalists and media workers to explain the objectives and benefits from membership in the Union.

–      Promoting a new, modern type of work by including the members in taking as many decisions and solutions as possible. For this purpose, all traditional and modern types of communication will be used: Internet, e-mail, social networks etc.

–      Providing free legal assistance to our members, that would help them to achieve their individual and collective rights or in cases of initiating proceedings before the competent courts.

–      Initiating, negotiating and signing collective agreements with employers on a national level and on the level of particular media outlet(s).

–      Establishing cooperation with the State labor inspectorate for the purpose of protecting the rights of media workers. (SSNM) will contribute to establishing an order into the media functioning through greater respecting of Macedonian laws, thus eliminating the illegal work and providing adequate protection of employees.

–      Establishing a close cooperation with the Association of Journalists, Macedonian Institute for Media and all other nongovernmental and nonpartisan organizations who work in the media sphere and media development issues.

–      Initiating and developing regional cooperation with union associations for obtaining assistance, exchange of experiences and joint actions.

–      Inclusion of (SSNM) in the international Federation of Journalists (IFJ) as umbrella organization that unites media unions and associations of journalists worldwide.

In performing its duties, the (SSNM) will accept donations, sponsorships and support through experiences exchange, only if such support does not affect the independence of the organization.


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